Mary plays ‘stepmother’ to a rebellious 16 year-old witness of a jewelry heist whose separated parents are too self-involved to deal with their teenaged daughter's issues which causes the daughter to act out. Meanwhile, Marshall suspects that a witness whose brother unleashes the past which later causes Marshall to rush to find out if he sold out his brother at a family reunion. Plus, Brandi takes care of Scott after he is assaulted under mysterious circumstances, more than likely he's started back gambling and he owed his assailants their money. By the end Brandi gives Scott some money, knowing what he was going to use it for, also Sabrina cleans up her act and she bonds with Mary.

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In Plain Sight Season 3

# Title Air Date
In Plain Sight
3:1 Father Goes West Mar 31, 2010
3:2 When Mary Met Marshall Apr 7, 2010
3:3 Coma Chameleon Apr 14, 2010
3:4 Whistle Stop Apr 21, 2010
3:5 Fish or Cut Betta Apr 28, 2010
3:6 No Clemency for Old Men May 5, 2010
3:7 Love's Faber Lost May 12, 2010
3:8 Son of Mann May 19, 2010
3:9 Death Becomes Her Jun 2, 2010
3:10 Her Days Are Numbered Jun 9, 2010
3:11 The Born Identity Jun 16, 2010
3:12 Witsec Stepmother Jun 23, 2010
3:13 A Priest Walks Into A Bar Jun 30, 2010