Sarah is angry that Adam still doesn't have a job, as she doesn't want to marry an unemployed guy. Wilfred sees another dog on a television commercial and decides he wants to be a dog star. He persuades Adam to manage him. Sarah doesn't want a bar of it - she doesn't like people who exploit animals for financial gain. But this doesn't deter our heroes.

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Wilfred (UK) Season 2

# Title Air Date
Wilfred (UK)
2:1 Kiss Me Cat Mar 8, 2010
2:2 Dog of a Town (Part 1) Mar 15, 2010
2:3 Dog of a Town (Part 2) Mar 22, 2010
2:4 Honey, You're Killing the Dog Mar 29, 2010
2:5 The Ice Dog Cometh Apr 5, 2010
2:6 The Dog Father Apr 12, 2010
2:7 Dog Star Apr 19, 2010
2:8 Bite Club Apr 26, 2010