Wilfred and Adam enter a competition with each other to determine who is the happiest. Along the way, Wilfred falls under the spell of a sexy cat as Adam and Sarah decide the best way to sort out their relationship problems is to get married. The proposal goes awry and Wilfred's burgeoning relationship with the cat hits a snag. It's hard to see who's happiest through eyes full of tears.

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Wilfred (UK) Season 2

# Title Air Date
Wilfred (UK)
2:1 Kiss Me Cat Mar 8, 2010
2:2 Dog of a Town (Part 1) Mar 15, 2010
2:3 Dog of a Town (Part 2) Mar 22, 2010
2:4 Honey, You're Killing the Dog Mar 29, 2010
2:5 The Ice Dog Cometh Apr 5, 2010
2:6 The Dog Father Apr 12, 2010
2:7 Dog Star Apr 19, 2010
2:8 Bite Club Apr 26, 2010


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Kiss Me Kate