Creighton’s agent comes to New Orleans to tell Creighton that his publisher still wants the novel about the 1927 flood, but she asks if he can include content about Katrina as well; he says he’ll deliver the originally planned manuscript. Davis’ political campaign continues in full swing, as he sells CDs of his campaign song and appears on a local TV station’s candidates forum. As the suppliers for Janette’s restaurant become more demanding, she makes the hard decision to suspend operations indefinitely. LaDonna’s mother is hospitalized for breathing problems. In the midst of arguing about whether Annie should accept a solo gig, Sonny strikes her and she flees their home; they later reconcile despite Annie’s misgivings about his drug use. An aide from Councilman Singleton’s office comes to see Albert, but instead of bringing news about reopening the projects, all he has to offer is a single FEMA trailer, prompting Albert to throw him out. Toni tracks down the former NOPD officer who arrested Daymo for an outstanding warrant on the day Katrina hit; in his abandoned police car, she is thrilled to find the citation that proves Daymo was arrested that day. However, when she meets with the Assistant District Attorney to request a joint motion for an emergency hearing to locate Daymo in the prison system, the ADA tells her they have a new policy against filing joint motions on emergency hearings; a disillusioned Toni joins her husband and daughter in marching, dressed as sperm, in the riotously anti-government Krewe du Vieux parade.

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