The roadhouse bouncer, Arnie, is staying with Annie and Sonny, and confirms Annie's suspicions that Sonny bought drugs while in Houston. Still searching for Antoine's trombone, Toni gives him a connection to a group of Japanese jazz fans seeking to help New Orleans musicians. One of these fans comes to meet Antoine, buying him a brand-new trombone and giving him a wad of cash. Antoine then discovers his own instrument in a pawn shop. When Toni confronts the police lieutenant about his officers pawning Antoine’s trombone, he tells her about the huge issues he's facing with officer morale and says he can’t get upset about a trombone. Albert presses a city council member, Ron Singleton, about why the projects have been closed since Katrina despite incurring no serious damage, but Singleton says that reopening the projects isn't up to him. Davis enlists an all-star roster of local musicians to play for free on a recording of his anti-government anthem, "Shame, Shame, Shame." Creighton records another angry YouTube rant, but brushes off a query from Toni about getting back to work on his novel, saying he has to focus on planning the upcoming Krewe du Vieux parade for Carnival. Working to prove to the courts that Daymo was in police custody during the storm, Toni discovers that he had been working at Janette's restaurant, Desautel's. Janette tells her that she talked to Daymo the morning Katrina hit but hasn’t heard from him since. A group of celebrity chefs pay an unannounced visit to Desautel's, and are much impressed by what Janette offers them. In the midst of another joyful second line, shots ring out, and Arnie grabs Annie and shepherds her to safety, leaving Sonny behind; Sonny later ejects Arnie from their home.

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Treme Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Do You Know What It Means Apr 11, 2010
1:2 Meet De Boys on the Battlefront Apr 18, 2010
1:3 Right Place, Wrong Time Apr 25, 2010
1:4 At the Foot of Canal Street May 2, 2010
1:5 Shame, Shame, Shame May 9, 2010
1:6 Shallow Water, Oh Mama May 16, 2010
1:7 Smoke My Peace Pipe May 23, 2010
1:8 All on a Mardi Gras Day Jun 6, 2010
1:9 Wish Someone Would Care Jun 13, 2010
1:10 I'll Fly Away Jun 20, 2010

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