Suffering from a mouth injury after his run-in with the police, Antoine accepts LaDonna's request that he go to Baton Rouge, where her husband Larry performs the necessary dental work and Antoine has a rare visit with his sons. Darius is fired from the job Albert found him with his neighbor Robinette's hauling company; later, Darius stumbles on Albert's tribe's Mardi Gras practice. When his aunt discovers him there late that evening, she invites Albert to dinner. Davis's car is crippled by a pothole left by a utility company; when he comes back to retrieve it, the car is ransacked. Davis is inspired to run for public office on a campaign platform of raising money for city improvements through legalizing and taxing marijuana ("Pot for potholes!"). Creighton films his own YouTube video, responding to those who have questioned whether New Orleans is worth saving, and signs off with, "Fuck you, you fucking fucks." He is later recognized around town by many admirers of his rant. Delmond's manager convinces him to play a New Orleans-focused tour, despite Delmond's reluctance. Toni finally gets official DNA test results that prove the prisoner using the name Daymo Brooks is not Daymo, but an accused murderer named Keevon White. Off-the-record, Keevon admits to switching bracelets with Daymo after the storm, claiming that Daymo agreed to swap in exchange for Keevon's protection in jail, but says he doesn’t know where Daymo went after that. Meanwhile, Toni has been unsuccessful in finding Antoine’s confiscated trombone. Sonny's friends convince him to come to Houston to play at a roadhouse, and he makes Annie promise not to play with any other pianists while he's gone. The roadhouse gig goes badly for Sonny, although he convinces the bar's bouncer, who has never seen New Orleans, to come back with them. Sonny returns to find Annie sitting in with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers.

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Treme Season 1

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