Another Gavin tragedy brings Tommy and Janet together; Jerry fails to show up for work; Mike looks for advice about his sexuality; and Maggie has a wedding surprise for Sean.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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This Television Series is referred to by Hell part of Rescue Me Season 3
Worried about whether it was his fault that the Chief had a heart attack, Tommy says, "If this was an episode of Columbo, I'd be sweating my balls off."
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Mean Streets

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Hell part of Rescue Me Season 3
Tommy mentions this movie while talking to his brother in the funeral home.
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Rescue Me Season 3

# Title Air Date
Rescue Me
3:1 Devil May 30, 2006
3:2 Discovery Jun 6, 2006
3:3 Torture Jun 13, 2006
3:4 Sparks Jun 20, 2006
3:5 Chlamydia Jul 7, 2006
3:6 Zombies Jul 10, 2006
3:7 Satisfaction Jul 18, 2006
3:8 Karate Jul 25, 2006
3:9 Pieces Aug 1, 2006
3:10 Retards Aug 8, 2006
3:11 Twilight Aug 15, 2006
3:12 Hell Aug 20, 2006
3:13 Beached Aug 29, 2006

performed by Florida Georgia Line





performed by Beyonce

  • Date:
  • Type: Song

performed by Brent Kirkpatrick

performed by Gary Lightbody

performed by Kate Havevik


American Dad!:
Season:  4  / Episode:  5 

performed by Tom Odell


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
Season:  10  / Episode:  17 

performed by Squirrel Nut Zippers

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