Vince asks Billy Walsh to review his miner-movie idea as a vehicle for Drama. Meanwhile, Ari forces Lloyd to retrace his steps when he hears disturbing news about Mrs. Ari; Drama's "Johnny's Bananas" costar Andrew Dice Clay needs representation; and Eric plays phone tag with Sloan.

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Entourage Season 8

# Title Air Date
8:1 Home Sweet Home Jul 24, 2011
8:2 Out with a Bang Jul 31, 2011
8:3 One Last Shot Aug 7, 2011
8:4 Whiz Kid Aug 14, 2011
8:5 Motherf*cker Aug 21, 2011
8:6 The Big Bang Aug 28, 2011
8:7 Second to Last Sep 4, 2011
8:8 The End Sep 11, 2011

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