Bill has Eric arrested and, using the excuse that necromancers may use him as a weapon against vampires, gets the Vampire League's OK to sentence him to the "true death"; he later decides to release him when Eric appeals to Bill's love for Sookie. Arlene and Terry's house catches on fire while they are sleeping: Arlene panics when she can't find Mikey, but he and the mysterious doll are already outside the house. He is able to see Mavis, an enigmatic woman waving at him from a distance. Jason fears that he may turn into a werepanther on the night of the full moon, but Sookie finds out from Alcide that you can only be a 'were' if you are born of two weres. Debbie registers with the local pack without telling Alcide. In Mexico, Jesus' grandfather tells Jesus and Lafayette that they must find him a sacrifice. They find a rattlesnake, and Jesus' grandfather makes the snake bite Jesus, but Lafayette is able to heal him when the spirit of "Tio Luca" enters his body. While imprisoned, Marnie is once again possessed by the spirit of the powerful witch Antonia, and turns on her vampire captor, the same vampire who had raped and fed on Antonia many centuries ago. Tara's girlfriend, Naomi, shows up in Bon Temps and they rekindle their relationship. Pam's face continues to rot; she later shows up at Merlotte's and attacks Tara and Naomi in a fit of rage. Tommy shapeshifts into Sam, fires Sookie, and has sex with Luna. The real Sam later finds Tommy passed out in Sam's trailer. Sookie, while out in the woods looking for Jason, runs into Eric, and they make love outside by the light of the full moon.

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True Blood Season 4

# Title Air Date
True Blood
4:10 Burning Down the House Apr 28, 2011
4:1 She's Not There Jun 26, 2011
4:2 You Smell Like Dinner Jul 3, 2011
4:3 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? Jul 10, 2011
4:4 I'm Alive and On Fire Jul 17, 2011
4:5 Me and the Devil Jul 24, 2011
4:6 I Wish I Was the Moon Jul 31, 2011
4:7 Cold Grey Light of Dawn Aug 7, 2011
4:8 Spellbound Aug 14, 2011
4:9 Let's Get Out of Here Aug 21, 2011
4:11 Soul of Fire Sep 4, 2011
4:12 And When I Die Sep 11, 2011

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