Jason is being kept alive by Crystal as a potential werepanther breeder. Pam asks Sookie to hide Eric from the witches, and she reluctantly agrees. Sookie visits Alcide, now living in Shreveport with Debbie, and asks him to house Eric for her. Debbie tells Sookie she wants to make amends for trying to kill her. Andy, high on V, gets into an altercation with Sam outside Merlotte's. Portia Bellefleur has a sexual proposition for Bill. Jessica confesses to Hoyt that she has fed on another man and then glamours him into forgetting about it. Jessica gives Arlene's baby the creepy doll that keeps showing up in their apartment. Lafayette goes to Fangtasia to beg forgiveness from Eric; Tara and Jesus follow him and find Pam threatening him in the dungeon basement. Pam demands that they bring back Marnie, the witch leader, to Fangtasia within 24 hours. Marnie performs a ritual for the spirit to possess her body so that she may be an instrument of its power. Jason wakes to find Crystal raping him, while other female werepanthers are watching or waiting their turn. Tommy forges a scheme to defraud Maxine Fortenberry. Claudine shows up at Sookie's house and tells her to return to the fairy realm. Sookie refuses; Eric attacks Claudine and drinks her to death.

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True Blood Season 4

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True Blood
4:10 Burning Down the House Apr 28, 2011
4:1 She's Not There Jun 26, 2011
4:2 You Smell Like Dinner Jul 3, 2011
4:3 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? Jul 10, 2011
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4:8 Spellbound Aug 14, 2011
4:9 Let's Get Out of Here Aug 21, 2011
4:11 Soul of Fire Sep 4, 2011
4:12 And When I Die Sep 11, 2011

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