Eric tries to convince Sookie to become his. Sookie visits Bill for help in dealing with Eric, only to find out that Bill has become King of Louisiana. A flashback reveals that Bill first met Nan Flanagan of the AVL in the 1980s, on its orders infiltrated the Queendom of Louisiana and arranged for the execution of the previous monarch, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, by AVL snipers. Back in the present, Bill tells Sookie there is nothing he can do to stop Eric. Tara pays Sookie a visit, but Sookie soon leaves for Fangtasia to seek Pam's advice, angry that Eric has altered her house. Meanwhile, Tara joins Lafayette and Jesus as they attend another witches' meeting, where Marnie announces she plans to resurrect a human. Eric, on Bill's orders, tells Marnie to dissolve her witch coven. As she refuses and Eric attacks her, she is taken over by a strange entity and successfully curses Eric into losing his memory. In Fangtasia, Sookie encounters Jessica feeding on someone who isn't Hoyt. In Hotshot, Felton and Crystal Norris tell Jason of their intentions to turn him into a werepanther, so he can breed for their community. Sam's romantic interest in fellow shapeshifter Luna grows as she reveals she is able to shift into another human. Sam's brother Tommy speaks of mending their bond. On her way home from Fangtasia, Sookie comes across Eric walking down the street with no shirt, no shoes and no memory.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

Shoot First
performed by Unknown

This Song is played in You Smell Like Dinner part of True Blood Season 4
This song plays when Sookie finds Jessica in the ladies room at Fangtasia.

Trash the Place
performed by See Spot Kill

This Song is played in You Smell Like Dinner part of True Blood Season 4
This song plays during a flashback to Early 1980's London, England as Bill chats up Marcus, the bartender, at an underground punk rock club.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

True Blood Season 4

# Title Air Date
True Blood
4:10 Burning Down the House Apr 28, 2011
4:1 She's Not There Jun 26, 2011
4:2 You Smell Like Dinner Jul 3, 2011
4:3 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? Jul 10, 2011
4:4 I'm Alive and On Fire Jul 17, 2011
4:5 Me and the Devil Jul 24, 2011
4:6 I Wish I Was the Moon Jul 31, 2011
4:7 Cold Grey Light of Dawn Aug 7, 2011
4:8 Spellbound Aug 14, 2011
4:9 Let's Get Out of Here Aug 21, 2011
4:11 Soul of Fire Sep 4, 2011
4:12 And When I Die Sep 11, 2011