The episode begins with Nancy coming home to find Jill sitting at her computer, e-mailing incriminating files to herself. She blackmails Nancy: if she signs custodial papers right there, then she will not go to the police with her evidence. Silas and Andy discuss the former's actions; they agree that Silas made a horrible mistake by contacting Jill. Heylia threatens Nancy at gunpoint; she demands that Nancy deliver all of her weed back by that evening or be killed. The two women go to Demetri's apartment to retrieve the rest of it. However, they find that he's been arrested for robbery. After some coaxing by the sisters, Demetri's military buddies return all but one ounce, which they'd smoked. When Heylia is given her weed, she and Nancy discuss Silas and his happiness. Ouellette grills Shane on his scheming; he declares his fervent intention to arrest Nancy. Doug, shortly before being made CFO of Vehement, finds out through Jolene that Clive drunkenly told about the hedge fund scheme when he was found in Bali. Andy and Silas attend Charles's funeral. Andy realizes that, like Charles, his biggest wish in life is to see his family happy. Nancy forces Jill to admit that she wants more excitement in her life. When Nancy and Jill return home, they find Andy and Silas. Silas apologizes to Nancy. After Jill and Andy discuss custody options, they make a decision. The next scene focuses on a suburban home in Connecticut two months later. Inside, Nancy reveals that she's giving a large room in that house to Silas to grow weed in. Outside, the entire family (including Stevie, Jill, and the twins) are sitting down to dinner. Shane pulls up out front, where it's revealed through a flashback that he's training to be a police officer with the NYPD. During dinner, the family seems to finally be happy... This is cut short by a sniper in the bushes; he aims the scope at Nancy. The scene cuts to black as a gunshot is heard. The credits roll ending the season on a cliffhanger.

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