Andy and Nancy grill Silas who gave Emma access to the back office. When Nancy refuses a delivery from The Sarge, he threatens to muscle out Pouncy House. When Silas goes to Columbia to confront Emma, Andy takes her hostage with a nail gun. All three return to the bike shop. Andy demands that Emma clean-up the bike shop but leaves to allow Silas to guard her. Nancy visits Shane in jail: “I did three years so that you wouldn’t have to. I just want you in college.” Shane replies, “Save that dream for Stevie.” In the end, two deals are reached. Emma and Silas agree to a merger. He will supply the weed; she will run sales and distribution. Nancy will help Ouellette bust Pouncy House in exchange for Shane’s freedom. Jolene Wait of the SEC arrives at Vehement to investigate the government’s pension plan. She inadvertently learns from Doug and Tillerman that Clive disappeared with a large amount of cash. Also, Clive was the operation’s “money guy.” Without him, the scheme would quickly collapse.

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Weeds Season 7

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