Nancy and Silas ask Heylia to supply them with pot; as a reply, she shoots a gun at them. Dean is living with Heylia in exchange for legal advice, but Conrad has left her to live with his girlfriend. Heylia blames Nancy for her loneliness. “I had a full dinner table before you showed up.” Heylia incites Silas to confront his mother about Lars. After Silas reminds Heylia he helped Conrad improve the MILF strain, Heylia agrees to supply Nancy. However, Silas will live with Heylia and help grow the crops. After Doug’s company refuses to give Andy start-up money, Shane gives him $80,000 so Andy’s business can serve as a front for Nancy’s operation. While taking classes in applied criminology, Shane impresses an adjunct professor and NYPD investigator with his observational skills. Scott arranges for Nancy to visit Stevie before she returns to NYC.

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Weeds Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 Bags Jun 27, 2011
7:2 From Trauma Cometh Something Jul 4, 2011
7:3 Game-Played Jul 11, 2011
7:4 A Hole in Her Niqab Jul 18, 2011
7:5 Fingers Only Meat Banquet Jul 25, 2011
7:6 Object Impermanence Aug 1, 2011
7:7 Vehement v. Vigorous Aug 8, 2011
7:8 Synthetics Aug 15, 2011
7:9 Cats! Cats! Cats! Aug 22, 2011
7:10 System Overhead Aug 29, 2011
7:11 Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser Sep 12, 2011
7:12 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Sep 19, 2011
7:13 Do Her/Don't Do Her Sep 26, 2011

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