As Jill pressures Nancy for custody of Stevie and tuition for an expensive school, Nancy obtains the pro bono help of lawyer Steward Havens. Andy starts a casual relationship with Maxeen; she is in a polyamorous marriage with her husband Charles who is dying of cancer. Shane uses some of his student loan money to build a nice bedroom in their apartment for his mother as a thank you for going to prison for him. After ending his modeling career, Silas revels in his new, equal partnership with his mother. “We have a new relationship where she treats us like real people.” While Nancy shuts down a rival pot dealer, Silas gives away all of Nancy’s pot in free samples to build a client base. Needing to sell the product, they both borrow $1,000 from Shane to buy more; unfortunately, an incident in Afghanistan involving a defiled niqab disrupts the Sarge’s marijuana supply chain. Doug starts steroids to prepare for corporate softball and hires Nancy as an assistant. The CEO makes a romantic move on Nancy, but he pulls back after she outs the firm’s pot dealer.

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Weeds Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 Bags Jun 27, 2011
7:2 From Trauma Cometh Something Jul 4, 2011
7:3 Game-Played Jul 11, 2011
7:4 A Hole in Her Niqab Jul 18, 2011
7:5 Fingers Only Meat Banquet Jul 25, 2011
7:6 Object Impermanence Aug 1, 2011
7:7 Vehement v. Vigorous Aug 8, 2011
7:8 Synthetics Aug 15, 2011
7:9 Cats! Cats! Cats! Aug 22, 2011
7:10 System Overhead Aug 29, 2011
7:11 Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser Sep 12, 2011
7:12 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Sep 19, 2011
7:13 Do Her/Don't Do Her Sep 26, 2011

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