Andy, Doug, Shane, and Silas arrive in New York City and visit Nancy at the halfway house. Seeing them at the house takes Nancy by surprise and prompts her to sneak out through the back door. Andy and Shane stay at the house to wait for Nancy; Ed tells them that Nancy likely changed for the worse while in prison. Doug visits an old college friend who invites him to a job interview. Silas convinces a modeling agent to sign him on as a client. After failing a job interview, Nancy visits Zoya's brother. He agrees to sell her one pound of marijuana for the cache of explosives and lures her into smoking marijuana. Upon returning to the house, Nancy talks to Andy and Shane and confesses having smoked. Overhearing that, Ed drags her to his office for a drug test.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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The Definitive Guide to French Cooking

This Book is shown on From Trauma Cometh Something part of Weeds Season 7
Andy and Shane are in Nancy's room at the halfway house, looking through her things. Andy finds a hollowed out book, 'The Definitive Guide to French Cooking' among her things.
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