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Nikita: Pandora / Season: 1 / Episode: 22 (00010022) (2011)

Nikita: Pandora / Season: 1 / Episode: 22 (00010022) (2011) (Television Episode)
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Pandora (Television Episode)

Season: 1
Episode: 22
Production Code: 00010022

May 12, 2011
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Alex manages to dose Nikita with a toxin that feigns death. Percy has a lunch meeting with members of Oversight, where he reveals his plan to take over the CIA by letting Malcolm and Fletcher hack into the black box, which would unleash the nerve toxin from "Girl's Best Friend", killing them and the director of the CIA, and later Division will blame the attack on Nikita. Nikita however, awakens and injures cleaner Roan (Rob Stewart) by throwing acid to his face. Realizing Percy's agenda, she rushes towards Langley and manages to save the the CIA director, Malcolm and Fletcher. After she is taken into custody, Fletcher helps her escape. Meanwhile, Alex is brought back to Amanda, who kills her with the kill chip. She then revives her and lets her go free, but warns her not to return to Nikita. Birkoff releases Micheal and they decrypt a black box, before Michael makes an escape. Nikita returns to her loft to destroy it, but Alex returns just to get her new identity ready. The loft is destroyed when Division agents storm it. Nikita and Alex go their separate ways, but Alex is captured again. She is recruited by Amanda and Oversight to stop Nikita from releasing the black box, and in return they will help find her the man who ordered her family's death.