Alex and Jaden are selected to take part on a mission to Geneva, Switzerland to stop Kalume Ungara, the playboy son of a foreign president from selling a newly developed nerve toxin to a potential terrorist group. Alex, Michael and Nikita agree to fake her death during the mission to ensure her escape from Division. During the mission, Alex overhears Ungara talk with a customer who intends to use the toxin, which is in resin form and disguised as diamonds, against a developing nations summit; Nikita tasks herself with stopping the attack while Alex attempts to destroy the lab. However, Jaden is exposed and taken to the lab, prompting Alex to break up her plan of faking her death and saves Jaden, before the destroying the lab. After they return to Division, Jaden hands over the nerve toxin to Percy, who promotes her to an agent.

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Nikita Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:10 Dark Matter Dec 2, 2010
1:14 The Next Seduction Feb 10, 2011
1:15 Alexandra Feb 17, 2011
1:16 Echoes Feb 24, 2011
1:17 Covenants Apr 7, 2011
1:18 Into the Dark Apr 14, 2011
1:19 Girl's Best Friend Apr 21, 2011
1:20 Glass Houses Apr 28, 2011
1:21 Betrayals May 5, 2011
1:22 Pandora May 12, 2011

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