Michael threatens to expose Alex's cover to Percy if Nikita does not help him find Kasim Tariq within 24 hours. She is forced to work with Gogol in St. Petersburg, Russia to lure him out by destroying a heroin shipment in Chechnya. She captures Kasim and betrays Gogol for yet another time. They and Michael agree to meet at the house the two spent time undercover five years ago, the same house Michael intended to buy for his family before their deaths. After Michael kills Kasim's back-up, Kasim reveals that he used to work with Division, and before defecting to Al Qaeda, was ordered to kill Michael's family, by Percy. After Kasim is killed, Michael decides to defect to Nikita's side in secret and together plan to find the black boxes, then kill Percy. The episode finishes with the two kissing passionately.

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Nikita Season 1

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