In the first season finale, when the body of Emma Plaskett is found on the only state land within 100 miles CBI is called in to investigate. As Jane notices the victim's toenails are painted with her own blood, one by one the team looks up to see skywriting form Red John's signature smiley face. Emma's twin sister Maya is still missing, and the investigation begins at the Plaskett home. Jane doesn't think the girls were random targets, but something more personal, while Lisbon thinks this case is a trap that Red John has set for Jane. Rigsby and Cho track the skywriting transaction to a dummy corporation's P.O. Box and find a letter that leads them to the sender, Rosalind Harker. Rosalind a blind woman, had a relationship with Red John, and can only give a description of Red John based on her other senses. She does help shed some light on Red John's friend Dumar. Checking out a lead on a farm property linked to Red John, Jane is held at gunpoint by Sheriff Hardy, a.k.a. Dumar. Lisbon rescues Jane but Red John escapes still one step ahead of them. In the aftermath, Sheriff Hardy frees himself from handcuffs and tries to shoot Lisbon but is stopped by a shotgun blast at the hands of Jane.

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The Mentalist Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Mentalist
1:1 Pilot Sep 23, 2008
1:2 Red Hair and Silver Tape Sep 30, 2008
1:3 Red Tide Oct 14, 2008
1:4 Ladies in Red Oct 21, 2008
1:5 Redwood Oct 28, 2008
1:6 Red Handed Nov 10, 2008
1:8 The Thin Red Line Nov 25, 2008
1:9 Flame Red Dec 2, 2008
1:10 Red Brick and Ivy Dec 16, 2008
1:11 Red John's Friends Jan 6, 2009
1:12 Red Rum Jan 13, 2009
1:13 Paint It Red Jan 18, 2009
1:14 Crimson Casanova Feb 10, 2009
1:15 Scarlett Fever Feb 17, 2009
1:16 Bloodshot Mar 17, 2009
1:17 Carnelian, Inc. Mar 24, 2009
1:18 Russet Potatoes Mar 31, 2009
1:19 A Dozen Red Roses Apr 7, 2009
1:20 Red Sauce Apr 28, 2009
1:21 Miss Red May 5, 2009
1:22 Blood Brothers May 12, 2009
1:23 Red John's Footsteps May 19, 2009

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