Lisbon's team arrives at CBI Headquarters and, upon going inside Bosco's office for an urgent briefing, find it is the scene of a fatal shooting - two member of Bosco's team have been shot and killed, and Bosco himself is in critical condition. An investigation begins, and when Patrick recognizes a link between a recent murder the team was investigating and Red John, the team hurriedly arrives at the workplace of the victim - and find the third member of Bosco's team dead, murdered by Red John. With Red John revealed as being behind the attack, it is found to have been orchestrated as Bosco had come close to finding the infamous serial killer while investigating the discovery of the missing body of a Red John victim; the body had been removed and hidden due to forensic evidence left by Red John himself. However, the team arrives too late to recover the victim's body, as someone impersonating a CBI agent picked up the body, and later destroyed all of the evidence relating to the case. It is found that the person who recovered the evidence was Bosco's secretary, Rebecca, who was also the assailant who shot Bosco and his team. Lisbon arrives at Bosco's hospital room to apprehend her just before she finishes him off. Before Bosco dies, he declares his love to Lisbon and wishes Patrick luck in finding Red John. Rebecca is later poisoned by Red John before entering her jail cell after being interrogated by Patrick. Minelli is upset by the week's occurrences and decides to retire, while Rigsby and Van Pelt's relationship becomes more serious.

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The Mentalist Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Mentalist
2:1 Redemption Sep 24, 2009
2:2 The Scarlet Letter Oct 1, 2009
2:3 Red Badge Oct 8, 2009
2:4 Red Menace Oct 15, 2009
2:5 Red Scare Oct 29, 2009
2:6 Black Gold and Red Blood Nov 5, 2009
2:7 Red Bulls Nov 12, 2009
2:8 His Red Right Hand Nov 19, 2009
2:9 A Prince Above Rubies Dec 10, 2009
2:10 Throwing Fire Dec 17, 2009
2:11 Rose-Colored Glasses Jan 14, 2010
2:12 Bleeding Heart Jan 21, 2010
2:13 Redline Feb 4, 2010
2:14 Blood In, Blood Out Feb 10, 2010
2:15 Red Herring Mar 4, 2010
2:16 Code Red Mar 10, 2010
2:17 The Red Box Apr 1, 2010
2:18 Aingavite Baa Apr 8, 2010
2:19 Blood Money Apr 20, 2010
2:20 Red All Over Apr 29, 2010
2:21 18-5-4 May 6, 2010
2:22 Red Letter May 13, 2010
2:23 Red Sky in the Morning May 20, 2010

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