While the senior officers attend retraining the rookies are sent out to various schools to do community outreach. Epstein and Nash are paired together, but they soon find themselves investigating a group of girls who are taking amphetamines. McNally and Diaz are sent back on patrol after being told they have come on the wrong day. During their patrol they find a man who has been assaulted. Further investigation reveals that a detective assaulted the man. McNally and Diaz are forced to report it, much to the displeasure of Peck and Steven (Peck's brother). The accused detective is Steven's partner.

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Rookie Blue Season 1

# Title Air Date
Rookie Blue
1:1 Fresh Paint Jun 24, 2010
1:2 Mercury Retrograde Jul 1, 2010
1:3 Fite Nite Jul 8, 2010
1:4 Signals Crossed Jul 15, 2010
1:5 Broad Daylight Jul 22, 2010
1:6 Bullet Proof Jul 29, 2010
1:7 Hot and Bothered Aug 5, 2010
1:8 Honor Roll Aug 12, 2010
1:9 Girlfriend of the Year Aug 19, 2010
1:10 Big Nickel Aug 26, 2010
1:11 To Serve or Protect Sep 2, 2010
1:12 In Blue Sep 9, 2010
1:13 Takedown Sep 9, 2010

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