The French army marches into a deserted Rome. Cardinal Della Rovere expects a convening of the College of Cardinals to depose the pope, but the pope strikes a deal with King Charles of France to recognize him as ruler of Naples. Charles is crowned King of France and Naples in a pompous affair in Rome. Meanwhile, Cesare and Micheletto travel to Pesaro and kidnap Giovanni Sforza in a scheme to have his marriage with Lucrezia annulled. They frame Sforza for being unable to consummate the marriage, by obliging him to prove his potency in front of the college of cardinals. Sforza is unable to endure such ridicule and declares that he is impotent; the marriage is annulled in an humiliating ordeal for Sforza. The French army reaches Naples, where they find the city ravaged by the plague and full of corpses. Lucrezia gives birth to a baby boy, after which she is joined by the rest of the Borgias.

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The Borgias Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Borgias
1:1 The Poisoned Chalice Apr 3, 2011
1:2 The Assassin Apr 3, 2011
1:3 The Moor Apr 10, 2011
1:4 Lucrezia's Wedding Apr 17, 2011
1:5 The Borgias in Love Apr 24, 2011
1:6 The French King May 1, 2011
1:7 Death, on a Pale Horse May 8, 2011
1:8 The Art of War May 15, 2011
1:9 Nessuno May 22, 2011

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