Nucky celebrates his birthday and uses the event to try and expand his influence over both the Mayor of Jersey City and a United States Senator. Margaret is tasked with delivering a dress to Lucy, and finds solace from her disillusionment by shoplifting lingerie. Chalky exacts revenge on a local Ku Klux Klan leader for a lynching. Jimmy and Capone expand their business operations by taking over territories from a local Irish gangster, resulting in vicious consequences for a prostitute Jimmy was fond of. Luciano takes an interest in Gillian while tracking down Jimmy at Rothstein's request.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 1

# Title Air Date
Boardwalk Empire
1:1 Boardwalk Empire Sep 19, 2010
1:2 The Ivory Tower Sep 26, 2010
1:3 Broadway Limited Oct 3, 2010
1:4 Anastasia Oct 10, 2010
1:5 Nights in Ballygran Oct 17, 2010
1:6 Family Limitation Oct 24, 2010
1:7 Home Oct 31, 2010
1:8 Hold Me in Paradise Nov 7, 2010
1:9 Belle Femme Nov 14, 2010
1:10 The Emerald City Nov 21, 2010
1:11 Paris Green Nov 28, 2010
1:12 A Return to Normalcy Dec 5, 2010

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