Fry attends Mars University with the intention of dropping out of college and becomes the roommate of Guenter, a monkey who is made intelligent by an electronium hat provided by Farnsworth. Fry becomes bitter rivals with Guenter and humiliates him during the parents' reception party by releasing his unintelligent, feral parents, which makes Guenter unhappy about his current life. Guenter gradually becomes stressed to the point of taking off his hat and fleeing into the Martian jungle. Fry, Leela, and Farnsworth find him and try to make him choose between an intelligent life and the life of a normal monkey, but the three are swept into a river by Bender during a raft regatta. Guenter falls off a cliff after saving the three from falling over a waterfall using the intelligence provided by his hat. Fortunately, the hat breaks his fall and begins working at half its usual capacity, and Guenter becomes content with his now average intelligence.

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Futurama Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 A Flight to Remember Sep 26, 1999
2:2 Mars University Oct 3, 1999
2:3 When Aliens Attack Nov 7, 1999
2:4 Fry and the Slurm Factory Nov 14, 1999
2:5 I Second That Emotion Nov 21, 1999
2:6 Brannigan, Begin Again Nov 28, 1999
2:7 A Head in the Polls Dec 12, 1999
2:8 Xmas Story Dec 19, 1999
2:9 Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love? Feb 6, 2000
2:10 Put Your Head on My Shoulder Feb 13, 2000
2:11 The Lesser of Two Evils Feb 20, 2000
2:12 Raging Bender Feb 27, 2000
2:13 A Bicyclops Built for Two Mar 19, 2000
2:14 How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back Apr 2, 2000
2:15 A Clone of My Own Apr 9, 2000
2:16 The Deep South Apr 16, 2000
2:17 Bender Gets Made Apr 30, 2000
2:18 The Problem with Popplers May 7, 2000
2:19 Mother's Day May 14, 2000
2:20 Anthology of Interest I May 21, 2000

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