Bender becomes addicted to electricity and ends up wrecking the Planet Express ship while steering it into an electrical storm in space, nearly killing everyone. After being confronted about his addiction, Bender realizes he has a problem and finds religion at the Temple of Robotology. He begins repenting for his evil ways, but annoys and disturbs his fellow crew members in doing so. Deciding they want the old Bender back, Fry and Leela persuade him to revert to his former self. As punishment for turning his back on his faith, Bender is sent to Robot Hell, but Fry and Leela find and save him from eternal damnation at the hands of the Robot Devil.

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Betty Boop and Grampy
part of Betty Boop

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This Movie is shown on Hell Is Other Robots part of Futurama Season 1
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Futurama Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Space Pilot 3000 Mar 28, 1999
1:2 The Series Has Landed Apr 4, 1999
1:3 I, Roommate Apr 6, 1999
1:4 Love's Labours Lost in Space Apr 13, 1999
1:5 Fear of a Bot Planet Apr 20, 1999
1:6 A Fishful of Dollars Apr 27, 1999
1:7 My Three Suns May 4, 1999
1:8 A Big Piece of Garbage May 11, 1999
1:9 Hell Is Other Robots May 18, 1999