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Futurama: Fear of a Bot Planet / Season: 1 / Episode: 5 (00010005) (1999)

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Futurama: Fear of a Bot Planet / Season: 1 / Episode: 5 (00010005) (1999) (Television Episode)
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Fear of a Bot Planet (Television Episode)

Season: 1
Episode: 5
Production Code: 00010005

April 20, 1999
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The Planet Express crew deliver a package to Chapek 9, a planet inhabited entirely by human-hating robots who kill humans on sight. Bender is sent to deliver the package alone, but is captured upon discovery that he works for humans, so Fry and Leela disguise themselves as robots and infiltrate the robot society. When they find Bender, they discover that Bender has made himself an idol among the other robots out of frustration of feeling unappreciated by his crew. Fry and Leela are captured, but Bender refuses to kill his friends. They soon learn that the planet's government is merely using humans as a scapegoat to distract the population from a valuable lug nut shortage. The three escape the planet and Bender, remembering he forgot to deliver the package, drops it onto the robots chasing them, revealing a shower of lug nuts and causing the robots to renounce their human-hating ways.