Fry lives in the Planet Express building until he is kicked out for his messiness. He initially moves in with Bender, but his new apartment is little more than a cramped closet, so they both move into a more spacious and furnished apartment. During the housewarming party, it is discovered that Bender's antenna interferes with the entire building's satellite TV reception, and Bender is evicted while Fry stays with little regard for his friend's troubles. Depressed, Bender goes on a self-destructive sobriety binge until he cuts off his antenna in the hopes of moving back with Fry. Realizing that Bender's antenna is vital to his self-esteem, Fry helps Bender reattach it and moves back into Bender's old apartment. It is then revealed that Bender's apartment has a "closet" that is the size of a complete living suite with more than enough room for Fry, so Fry decides to move there instead.

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Futurama Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Space Pilot 3000 Mar 28, 1999
1:2 The Series Has Landed Apr 4, 1999
1:3 I, Roommate Apr 6, 1999
1:4 Love's Labours Lost in Space Apr 13, 1999
1:5 Fear of a Bot Planet Apr 20, 1999
1:6 A Fishful of Dollars Apr 27, 1999
1:7 My Three Suns May 4, 1999
1:8 A Big Piece of Garbage May 11, 1999
1:9 Hell Is Other Robots May 18, 1999

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