Fry learns from the Legion that the Dark One will be present at the implosion of the violet dwarf and is sent to thwart it using an Omega Device. Meanwhile, Leela and the other eco-feminists are sent to prison, but are broken out by Bender and taken by the Planet Express employees to stop the implosion ceremony. At the ceremony, Fry tries to identify the Dark One among everyone else present through its unreadable mind, but finds no one and concludes he must be the Dark One since his mind is unreadable. Leela and the others arrive and to disrupt the ceremony, but Fry convinces Leela to let him proceed. He activates the Omega Device to destroy himself, but it instead affects Leela's leech, which reveals itself as the Dark One. The violet dwarf system turns into a sperm and enters the star, which develops into an adult Encyclopod. The Dark One kills Hutch, who removes the ring from Fry's brain as his dying act, depriving Fry of his telepathy. The Encyclopod destroys the Dark One and leaves after preserving humanity's DNA. Zapp tries to have everyone arrested, and they go on the run. The Planet Express crew encounters a wormhole and decides to enter it, not knowing where it will lead them. Fry and Leela profess their love for each other and kiss as the ship enters.

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