A last-minute scheduling change lands the crew in Rangoon before heading to Jakarta, Indonesia. While there, Maggie takes Laura out on the town. Kate is given a covert assignment that requires her to make a delivery in a seedy part of the city and almost misses the drop deadline. Ted is reminded of his past as a naval aviator and harbors anger and resentment about his powerful family connections, which landed him his current job with Pan Am. He and Dean have a disagreement upon landing in Hong Kong that ends with him punching Dean, but they make up upon landing back in New York. The end of the episode shows Kate, expecting to come home and find Laura in the apartment they share, coming home to an empty apartment, and Laura moving in with Maggie.

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Pan Am Season 1

# Title Air Date
Pan Am
1:1 Pilot Sep 25, 2011
1:2 We'll Always Have Paris Oct 2, 2011
1:3 Ich Bin Ein Berliner Oct 9, 2011
1:4 Eastern Exposure Oct 16, 2011
1:5 One Coin in a Fountain Oct 23, 2011
1:6 The Genuine Article Oct 30, 2011
1:7 Truth or Dare Nov 6, 2011
1:8 Unscheduled Departure Nov 13, 2011
1:9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Dec 4, 2011
1:10 Secrets and Lies Jan 8, 2012
1:11 Diplomatic Relations Jan 15, 2012
1:12 New Frontiers Jan 22, 2012
1:13 Romance Languages Feb 12, 2012
1:14 1964 Feb 19, 2012

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