Brother Sam is found at his shop alive and is taken to the hospital. Dexter initially suspects a member of the gang formerly run by Nick, one of Brother Sam's ex-con employees. The police attempt to interrogate a member of Nick's old gang, but end up killing him in a shoot-out. They discover a DVD from the auto shop's security system in his house, and assume he was the one who killed Brother Sam. Dexter, however, realizes the shooter was Nick, and confirms his suspicion by matching a bullet Nick fired at Brother Sam's apartment to the ones found in Brother Sam. Miami Metro calls Professor Gellar's former assistant in for further questioning, and learn of his obsession with an old cult who sought to bring about the apocalypse by performing ritualistic sacrifices as depicted in Gellar's notes. Travis begins to feel conflicted between his actions and begins to question the morality of the situation, eventually releasing the woman they had held as "Whore of Babylon". Some time later, Brother Sam briefly regains consciousness and calls for Dexter. He tells him to forgive Nick and move on. Brother Sam dies a short time later. Later, Dexter goes to confront Nick, taking him to a isolated beach with the intention of killing him; however, he decides not to, and begs Nick to instead turn himself in. When Nick realizes however that they do not have any evidence on him, he rejoices. Dexter, angered by his arrogance, kills Nick by holding him underwater. Brian, applauding, appears behind Dexter.

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Dexter Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Those Kinds of Things Oct 2, 2011
6:2 Once Upon a Time Oct 9, 2011
6:3 Smokey and the Bandit Oct 16, 2011
6:4 A Horse of a Different Color Oct 23, 2011
6:5 The Angel of Death Oct 30, 2011
6:6 Just Let Go Nov 6, 2011
6:7 Nebraska Nov 13, 2011
6:8 Sin of Omission Nov 20, 2011
6:9 Get Geller Nov 27, 2011
6:10 Ricochet Rabbit Dec 4, 2011
6:11 Talk to the Hand Dec 11, 2011
6:12 This Is the Way the World Ends Dec 18, 2011

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