When a mission involving a child slavery ring results in Gloria's death, Charlie persuades Abby and Kate to team up with Gloria's friend, Eve. They don't know it, but Abby, Kate and Eve will always support and look out for each other. They also discover that Gloria's death is also tied to the child slavery ring's elusive mastermind, which hits too close to home and very personal for Eve, who wants to seek revenge.

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Charlie's Angels Season 1

# Title Air Date
Charlie's Angels
1:5 Angels in Chains Oct 20, 1976
1:1 Angel with a Broken Wing Sep 22, 2011
1:2 Runway Angels Sep 29, 2011
1:3 Bon Voyage, Angels Oct 6, 2011
1:4 Angels in Chains Oct 13, 2011
1:5 Angels in Paradise Oct 20, 2011

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