Carrie wants to update their home office, so she asks Doug to meet her at the bank in order to get a loan. Doug tells her he's too busy at work to take the time out to go to the bank, but reluctantly agrees to meet her on his lunch break. Meanwhile, Doug is at work, goofing off, playing a game with the stapler when he accidentally shoots a staple into his groin. Deacon takes Doug to the hospital, but Doug leaves before being seen by a doctor because of his promise to meet Carrie at the bank. Doug, in obvious pain, tells Carrie what happened and apologizes for the way he's been acting. Carrie wants to take Doug to the hospital right way but he insists on securing the loan first. Once at the hospital Doug, in a scene reminiscent of child birth, Doug finally has the staple removed.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Quincy, M.E.

This Television Series is referred to by Assaulted Nuts part of The King of Queens Season 2
Carrie is cleaning out the spare room to get ready to transform it into a home office. Doug is upset to find that Carrie is getting rid of a VHS tape of his that contains two episodes of 'Quincy'.
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The King of Queens Season 2

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
2:1 Queasy Rider Sep 20, 1999
2:2 Female Problems Sep 27, 1999
2:3 Assaulted Nuts Oct 4, 1999
2:4 Parent Trapped Oct 11, 1999
2:5 Tube Stakes Oct 18, 1999
2:6 Doug Out Oct 25, 1999
2:7 Get Away Nov 1999
2:8 Dire Strayts Nov 8, 1999
2:9 I, Candy Nov 15, 1999
2:10 Roamin' Holiday Nov 22, 1999
2:11 Sparing Carrie Nov 29, 1999
2:12 Net Prophets Dec 13, 1999
2:13 Party Favor Jan 10, 2000
2:14 Block Buster Jan 17, 2000
2:15 Frozen Pop Jan 24, 2000
2:16 Fair Game Feb 7, 2000
2:17 Meet Byproduct Feb 14, 2000
2:18 The Shmenkmans Feb 21, 2000
2:19 Surprise Artie Feb 28, 2000
2:20 Wild Card Mar 6, 2000
2:21 Big Dougie Apr 17, 2000
2:22 Soft Touch May 2000
2:23 Restaurant Row May 8, 2000
2:23 Flower Power May 15, 2000
2:25 Whine Country May 22, 2000