Alan discovers that Lyndsey once starred in a porn film called "Cinnamon's Buns" and confronts her about it. After having a discussion with her about honesty, he decides to reveal all his life's secrets to her (including the fact that he gave her earrings stolen from Judith, may be the father of Judith and Herb's baby, and was tricked by Charlie into letting the family dog lick peanut butter off his genitals as a child). Lyndsey throws him out and the two split up. Walden, having been inspired by Lyndsey's role in the porn film, learns to bake and makes a batch of cannabis brownies with Berta, and then proceeds to hold a party to cheer Alan up. Lyndsey shows up to apologize just as Alan is surrounded by bikini-clad girls ready to eat whipped cream and cherries off of his body. Walden throws Alan off the deck so he can truthfully tell Lyndsey Alan isn't home. The next day Lyndsey apologizes for acting so rashly, and Alan reveals what he was really doing when she showed up at the party the previous night, causing Lyndsey to throw him out once again.

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9:4 Nine Magic Fingers Oct 10, 2011
9:5 A Giant Cat Holding A Churro Oct 17, 2011
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9:10 A Fishbowl Full of Glass Eyes Nov 21, 2011
9:11 A Lovely Landing Strip Dec 5, 2011
9:12 One False Move, Zimbabwe! Dec 12, 2011
9:13 Slowly and in a Circular Fashion Jan 2, 2012
9:14 A Possum on Chemo Jan 16, 2012
9:15 The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack Feb 6, 2012
9:16 Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy Feb 13, 2012
9:17 Not In My Mouth Feb 20, 2012
9:18 The War Against Gingivitis Feb 27, 2012
9:19 Palmdale, Ech Mar 19, 2012
9:20 Grandma's Pie Apr 9, 2012
9:21 Mr. Hose Says 'Yes' Apr 16, 2012
9:22 Why We Gave Up Women Apr 30, 2012
9:23 The Straw In My Donut Hole May 7, 2012
9:24 Oh Look! Al-Qaeda! May 14, 2012