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Some of the survivors move to the caves, while some stay at the beach. Locke exchanges Charlie's heroin for Charlie's guitar. Jin attacks Michael because he has Jin's father-in-law's watch; however, only Jin's wife Sun knows this because they do not speak English. Jin is handcuffed to the wreckage. Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English and explains why Jin attacked Michael, after which Michael frees Jin. Flashbacks show that Jin had to take a job working for Sun's father for her hand in marriage. One night, after they are married, Jin returns home covered in someone else's blood. Sun secretly plots to leave Jin (hence the secret English lessons); however, she changes her mind in the end.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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Strawberry Fields Forever performed by The Beatles

Strawberry Fields Forever
performed by The Beatles

This Song is referred to by House of the Rising Sun
The lyrics "Living is easy with eyes closed" is tattooed on Charlie's shoulder

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Lost Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot (Part 1) Sep 22, 2004
1:2 Pilot (Part 2) Sep 29, 2004
1:3 Tabula Rasa Oct 6, 2004
1:4 Walkabout Oct 13, 2004
1:5 White Rabbit Oct 20, 2004
1:6 House of the Rising Sun Oct 27, 2004
1:8 Confidence Man Nov 10, 2004
1:9 Solitary Nov 17, 2004
1:7 The Moth Nov 30, 2004
1:10 Raised by Another Dec 1, 2004
1:11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues Dec 8, 2004
1:12 Whatever the Case May Be Jan 5, 2005
1:13 Hearts and Minds Jan 12, 2005
1:14 Special Jan 19, 2005
1:15 Homecoming Feb 9, 2005
1:16 Outlaws Feb 16, 2005
1:17 ...In Translation Feb 23, 2005
1:18 Numbers Mar 2, 2005
1:19 Deus Ex Machina Mar 30, 2005
1:20 Do No Harm Apr 6, 2005
1:21 The Greater Good May 4, 2005
1:22 Born to Run May 11, 2005
1:23 Exodus (Part 1) May 18, 2005
1:24 Exodus (Part 2) May 25, 2005

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