Allen Gregory attempts to bribe Principal Gottlieb to date him.

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performed by Faith Hill

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This Song is played in Van Moon Rising part of Allen Gregory Season 1
At a charity dinner, Richard's college enemy brags that the only way he could get his adopted African son to sleep at night was to sing this song to him. Richard then claims that he had to sing this song to his adopted ethnic daughter in order to get her to sleep at night.

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Allen Gregory Season 1

# Title Air Date
Allen Gregory
1:1 Pilot Oct 30, 2011
1:2 1 Night in Gottlieb Nov 6, 2011
1:3 Gay School Dance Nov 13, 2011
1:4 Interracial McAdams Nov 20, 2011
1:5 Full Blown Maids Nov 27, 2011
1:6 Mom Sizemore Dec 4, 2011
1:7 Van Moon Rising Dec 18, 2011