After young Sean Hamill (Daniel Manche) is stabbed in the back at the schoolyard, detectives are led to Charlie Monaghan (Sasha Neulinger), the older boy who had previously gotten into trouble over Hamill, but it isn't long before their attention turns to Monaghan's half-sister, Emma Boyd (Raquel Castro). Hamill had been torturing the little girl for months because she had two mothers. After getting a nice deal for Emma's side, Benson and Stabler are thrown for a loop when Emma's biological grandparents accuse Zoe Dunlop (Amy Pietz), who had never legally adopted Emma, of sexually molesting the little girl, and evidence seems to support their claims. When Olivia questions her with Huang in the room, he believes that she wasn't molested, and it turns out the grandparents got her to lie about it. The grandparents are charged and during their trial, the grandmother reveals that their lawyer (Stephen Bogardus) actually put them up to it as he showed them what Novak reveals are discredited statistics that horrified them. The judge calls a mistrial, and Novak offers a plea to the grandparents later in exchange for them testifying against their lawyer. After she provides evidence of his trickery, they agree, but Zoe decides to bar them from seeing Emma again.

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