Michael enlists the help of a psychiatric consultant in diagnosing a problem involving a girl who is depressed over the death of her mother but claims to be abstinent and not taking birth control. Meanwhile, a grant Kate has received for the clinic winds up needing to go to pay for an operation for an uninsured - and undocumented - boy.

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A Gifted Man Season 1

# Title Air Date
A Gifted Man
1:1 Pilot Sep 23, 2011
1:2 In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose Sep 30, 2011
1:3 In Case of Discomfort Oct 7, 2011
1:4 In Case of Separation Anxiety Oct 14, 2011
1:5 In Case of Loss of Control Oct 21, 2011
1:6 In Case of Memory Loss Nov 4, 2011
1:7 In Case of Exposure Nov 11, 2011
1:8 In Case of Missed Communications Nov 18, 2011
1:9 In Case of Abnormal Rhythm Dec 2, 2011

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