The Jeffersonian lab is put on lock down by government agents led by Mr. White (Richard T. Jones) when they demand Brennan and her team identify of cause of death for a highly classified set of remains. Cam finds a positive pregnancy test in the woman's bathroom and after all the women deny it is theirs, she believes it might be Michelle's, her stepdaughter. After, Angela confesses to Cam that it was actually hers, but did not want anyone else to know. In the interim, Cam had it tested again, and reveals to Angela that it was a false positive, meaning she is not pregnant. The team eventually come to believe the set of remains they are working on are actually that of assassinated President John F. Kennedy. The case causes tension between Hodgins and Booth as the information they gather supports the conspiracy theory about a cover-up, whereas Booth is a patriot and believes in the government. Mr. White terminates the testing before completing the cause of death, leaving the results inconclusive. To help Booth, Brennan performs a test on one of bones, proving it is not JFK; although Cam tells her she knows what she did was for Booth, and there is still a possibility it was JFK.

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Bones Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 Harbingers in the Fountain Sep 17, 2009
5:2 The Bond in the Boot Sep 24, 2009
5:3 The Plain in the Prodigy Oct 1, 2009
5:4 The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Oct 8, 2009
5:5 A Night at the Bones Museum Oct 15, 2009
5:6 The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken Nov 5, 2009
5:7 The Dwarf in the Dirt Nov 12, 2009
5:8 The Foot in the Foreclosure Nov 19, 2009
5:9 The Gamer in the Grease Dec 3, 2009
5:10 The Goop on the Girl Dec 10, 2009
5:11 The X in the File Jan 14, 2010
5:12 The Proof in the Pudding Jan 21, 2010
5:13 The Dentist in the Ditch Jan 28, 2010
5:14 The Devil in the Details Feb 4, 2010
5:15 The Bones on the Blue Line Apr 1, 2010
5:16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole Apr 8, 2010
5:17 The Death of the Queen Bee Apr 15, 2010
5:18 The Predator in the Pool Apr 22, 2010
5:19 The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle Apr 29, 2010
5:20 The Witch in the Wardrobe May 6, 2010
5:21 The Boy with the Answer May 13, 2010
5:22 The Beginning in the End May 20, 2010

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