Doug is deeply disturbed when he discovers that Carrie has been purchasing his clothes at the Big and Tall shop. He asks Carrie her true feelings about his weight, and although she doesn't want to hurt his feelings, she admits that she wouldn't be upset if he lost some weight. Since they are being honest with each other, Doug tells Carrie that she wears too much make-up. They both agree to work on their flaws and make some changes. Doug starts working out at the gym, and Carrie eases up on the make-up application. When Carrie gets compliments the next day at work about how great she looks, Doug is jealous and starts naming other flaws that Carrie should work on. He tells her she has a big forehead and a terrible accent, but feels bad when his nit-picking makes her self-conscious. Meanwhile, Arthur has started carrying around a legless "Safety Man" to protect himself from neighborhood thugs.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these songs...

performed by J. Geils Band

  • Date:
  • Type: Song
This Song is referred to by Fatty McButterpants part of The King of Queens Season 3
Doug is at the gym, running on the treadmill singing along to the song Centerfold playing on his walkman.

It refers to these television series...

Gilligan's Island

This Television Series is referred to by Fatty McButterpants part of The King of Queens Season 3
Doug turns on the TV to console himself after learning Carrie has been buying his clothes at the Big and Tall store. The TV plays part of the theme song to Gilligan's Island as Doug disgustedly exclaims "Oh my God! I'm fatter than the Skipper!".
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3:5 Strike One Oct 30, 2000
3:6 Strike Too Nov 6, 2000
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3:8 Dark Meet Nov 20, 2000
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3:11 Better Camera Dec 11, 2000
3:12 Wedding Presence Jan 8, 2001
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3:24 Pregnant Pause, Part 1 May 21, 2001
3:25 Pregnant Pause, Part 2 May 28, 2001