Peter's devoutly religious, recently retired father Francis comes to visit, though he is intolerant of the others and makes life miserable for them; nevertheless, Peter tries to bond with him, since he had always been neglectful of his son. When all else fails, Peter resorts to kidnapping the Pope by taking the place of his regular driver to settle their conflict. He then brings the Pope back to his house, where His Holiness attempts to mediate his problems. Afterwards, Peter reconciles with Francis, who is hired for the job of working as the Pope's security guard during his tour of the United States, pushing down people who are not allowed to be near the Pope and those who are allowed to be near the Pope, but are in his way, including Fox personnel, much to the Pope's dismay. At the end of the episode, Peter's mom shows up at the door and wishes to live with the family, prompting them to flee the house in an escape pod.

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Family Guy Season 2

# Title Air Date
Family Guy
2:1 Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater Sep 23, 1999
2:2 Holy Crap Sep 30, 1999
2:3 Da Boom Dec 26, 1999
2:5 Love Thy Trophy Mar 14, 2000
2:6 Death is a Bitch Mar 21, 2000
2:7 The King is Dead Mar 28, 2000
2:8 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar Mar 28, 2000
2:9 If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin' Apr 4, 2000
2:10 Running Mates Apr 11, 2000
2:11 A Picture is worth a 1,000 Bucks Apr 18, 2000
2:12 Fifteen Minutes of Shame Apr 25, 2000
2:13 Road to Rhode Island May 30, 2000
2:14 Let's Go to the Hop Jun 6, 2000
2:15 Dammit Janet! Jun 13, 2000
2:16 There's Something About Paulie Jun 27, 2000
2:17 He's Too Sexy for His Fat Jun 27, 2000
2:18 E. Peterbus Unum Jul 18, 2000
2:19 The Story on Page One Jul 18, 2000
2:20 Wasted Talent Jul 25, 2000
2:21 Fore Father Aug 1, 2000
2:4 Brian in Love Mar 7, 2001

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