Carrie goes to the DMV to have her license renewed. When she is told that she needs to wear corrective lenses to drive, she is depressed at the idea of getting older. Doug sees this as an opportunity to finally get her the perfect gift for her upcoming birthday - laser eye surgery. The gift turns out to be less than perfect when, after a week of recovery, her vision is still blurry. At Carrie's birthday party, it is discovered that Doug did not take the advice of Carrie's boss to use his eye surgeon, but instead, went to a place that offered a discount coupon.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

The Woody Woodpecker Show

This Television Series is referred to by Sight Gag part of The King of Queens Season 4
Doug is watching TV while waiting for Carrie to come home to present her with her birthday gift of Lasik eye surgery. Although it isn't shown on the TV, the famous Woody Woodpecker laugh is heard coming from the television set.
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It refers to these songs...

performed by Michael Jackson

  • Date:
  • Type: Song
This Song is referred to by Sight Gag part of The King of Queens Season 4
As Carrie is struggling to put in her new contact lenses, Doug tells her she should have purchased the cat eye lenses so she could look like part of the Thriller video.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The King of Queens Season 4

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
4:1 Walk, Man Sep 24, 2001
4:2 Sight Gag Oct 1, 2001
4:3 Mean Streak Oct 8, 2001
4:4 Friender Bender Oct 15, 2001
4:5 No Retreat Oct 22, 2001
4:6 Ticker Treat Oct 29, 2001
4:7 Lyin' Hearted Nov 5, 2001
4:8 Life Sentence Nov 12, 2001
4:9 Veiled Threat Nov 19, 2001
4:10 Oxy Moron Nov 26, 2001
4:11 Depo Man Dec 10, 2001
4:12 Ovary Action Dec 17, 2001
4:13 Food Fight Jan 7, 2002
4:14 Double Downer Jan 14, 2002
4:15 Dougie Nights Feb 4, 2002
4:16 No Orleans Feb 25, 2002
4:17 Missing Links Mar 4, 2002
4:18 Hero Worship Mar 18, 2002
4:19 Screwed Driver Mar 25, 2002
4:20 Lush Life Apr 8, 2002
4:21 Bun Dummy Apr 29, 2002
4:22 Patrons Ain't May 6, 2002
4:23 Eddie Money May 13, 2002
4:24 Two Thirty May 20, 2002
4:25 Shrink Wrap May 27, 2002