Lori discovers she is pregnant and tries to abort the baby with pills because she is afraid of bringing a baby into the situation. The group practices their shooting skills and Andrea has the best skills out of them. Lori sends Glenn and Maggie to the pharmacy to get some things for her including abortion pills. Maggie gets attacked by a walker at the pharmacy. Glenn kills it and in a fury Maggie yells at Lori for almost getting Glenn and her killed. Maggie also reveals that the walkers inside the barn are family members. Hershel explains to Dale that the walkers are "still people"; that they are merely sick and are being contained so that they can be cured in the future. Shane and Andrea go out to look for Sophia only to be surrounded by walkers. Andrea and Shane take them out and flee, and on the way back they have sex. When they arrive at camp, Shane creates tension with Dale when Dale asks what really happened the night Otis died. The episode ends with Lori and Rick debating about their unborn child and Lori confessing to being in a sexual relationship with Shane when she thought Rick was dead.

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