Carrie has been put in charge of overseeing a group of people at the law firm who will be working on a very big case. She's excited about the responsibility, but Doug is not so happy when he learns that she will be working the night shift, and he will be home alone for a few weeks. He decides to use the time while she's away at night to do whatever he wants - eat in bed, not brushing his teeth at night, etc. Unfortunately, he gets lonely and realizes he can't sleep without Carrie there with him. He soon discovers that Arthur makes a nice substitute for her company.

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Top Gun
part of Top Gun

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This Movie is referred to by Arthur, Spooner part of The King of Queens Season 5
Deacon shows up at Doug's house to find him cheerful while making a big breakfast. Doug tells him he's feeling good because he finally got some sleep. Deacon asks if Carrie is back, but Doug tells him no, that Arthur is his new stand-in to help him sleep. Arthur comes in the kitchen and tells Doug he is missing a sock, but thinks it's tangled in the bed sheets upstairs. Deacon's response to Doug is "Talk to me Goose".
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