Now that Kelly has left, Deacon is worried about providing a nice Thanksgiving holiday for his kids. Doug decides to "loan" Carrie to Deacon for a couple of nights in order to help him prepare for his big Thanksgiving dinner. Deacon is gracious at first, but then he realizes that Carrie is not the world's greatest cook, and she is beginning to get on his nerves, so he begs Doug to take her back. Deacon recruits Holly to take over the cooking and Thanksgiving preparations, and things only get worse when Carrie finds out about his little secret.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

The Dukes of Hazzard

This Television Series is referred to by Loaner Car part of The King of Queens Season 5
Carrie drones on endlessly about the annoying people she works with, telling Deacon a co-worker was dressed inappropriately - unless she was a character on The Dukes of Hazzard.
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The Sopranos

This Television Series is referred to by Loaner Car part of The King of Queens Season 5
While Carrie is cooking dinner for Deacon and the kids, Major is asking her questions that she is uncomfortable answering. To keep him quiet, she gives him a cupcake. Deacon is unhappy about dessert before dinner, so Carrie persuades Major to give the cupcake back, promising him he can stay up late to watch The Sopranos.
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The King of Queens Season 5

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
5:1 Arthur, Spooner Sep 23, 2002
5:2 Window Pain Sep 30, 2002
5:3 Holy Mackerel Oct 7, 2002
5:4 Kirbed Enthusiasm Oct 14, 2002
5:5 Mammary Lane Oct 21, 2002
5:6 Business Affairs Oct 28, 2002
5:7 Flame Resistant Nov 4, 2002
5:8 Flash Photography Nov 11, 2002
5:9 Connect Four Nov 18, 2002
5:10 Loaner Car Nov 25, 2002
5:11 Mentalo Case Dec 16, 2002
5:12 Jung Frankenstein Jan 6, 2003
5:13 Attention Deficit Jan 20, 2003
5:14 Prints Charming Feb 3, 2003
5:15 Animal Attraction Feb 10, 2003
5:16 Golden Moldy Feb 17, 2003
5:17 S'poor House Feb 24, 2003
5:18 Steve Moscow Mar 10, 2003
5:19 Cowardly Lyin' Mar 31, 2003
5:20 Driving Reign Apr 14, 2003
5:21 Clothes Encounter Apr 21, 2003
5:22 Queens'bro Bridge Apr 28, 2003
5:23 Dog Shelter May 5, 2003
5:24 Taste Buds May 12, 2003
5:25 Bed Spread May 19, 2003