Annie is assigned to "walk-in" duty where she meets a boy-genius and his mother. The boy has seemingly acquired real, viable intelligence that puts both him and his mother in danger. Annie is assigned to work on the case in conjunction with an MI-6 agent. While protecting the boy and his mother, she realizes that her supposed MI-6 partner is a double agent and is the one hunting down the boy.

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Covert Affairs Season 1

# Title Air Date
Covert Affairs
1:1 Welcome to the CIA Jul 13, 2010
1:2 Walter's Walk Jul 20, 2010
1:3 South Bound Suarez Jul 27, 2010
1:4 No Quarter Aug 3, 2010
1:5 In the Light Aug 10, 2010
1:6 Houses of the Holy Aug 17, 2010
1:7 Communication Breakdown Aug 24, 2010
1:8 What Is and What Should Never Be Aug 31, 2010
1:9 Fool in the Rain Sep 7, 2010
1:10 I Can't Quit You Baby Sep 14, 2010
1:11 When the Levee Breaks Sep 14, 2010

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