During a romantic dinner out one evening, Doug is inspired by the beautiful surroundings to proclaim his love for Carrie. Carrie is touched by his gesture and suggests that they renew their wedding vows. They set out to plan their vow renewal ceremony, but find that the planning is much more trouble than it's worth. They decide that it's better to cancel the ceremony to avoid the headaches they have encountered. However, once they tell everyone that the renewal is off, everyone assumes they are having marital problems, so Doug and Carrie decide to go ahead with the renewal after all, just to get their family and friends to shut up. The two find that planning the wedding is much more troublesome than expected.  
Meanwhile, Arthur, who offered a bottle of fine Port Wine as a gift to Doug and Carrie, has discovered that it is quite valuable and is hoping that they do not go ahead with the ceremony after all because he wants to sell the wine for a large profit on eBay.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Books are referenced by this Television Episode?

It refers to...
The Hours written by Michael Cunningham

The Hours
written by

This Book is referred to by Dreading Vows part of The King of Queens Season 6
Spence arrives at Doug and Carrie's house to return Carrie's copy of 'The Hours'. He asks Arthur to tell Carrie that he found it to be very haunting.

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