Jim and Taylor confront Skye as the Sixer mole, though she claims her only motive was to save her mother, not betray the colony, nor did she ever provide vital information to Mira. Skye warns them that Lucas has successfully completed his calculations to reverse the time portal, and that his 2149 employers will invade and exploit Terra Nova. Taylor, expecting a full-on attack with the 11th pilgrimage's arrival in a few days, begins planning Terra Nova's defense. Skye is reunited with her mother after Taylor also ordered Curran, the banished soldier who infiltrated Mira's camp, to rescue her from the Sixers. Terra Nova's medical staff is optimistic that her condition will improve once they synthesize the medication the Sixers were using to keep her alive.

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Terra Nova Season 1

# Title Air Date
Terra Nova
1:1 Genesis (Part 1) Sep 26, 2011
1:2 Genesis (Part 2) Sep 26, 2011
1:3 Instinct Oct 3, 2011
1:4 What Remains Oct 10, 2011
1:5 The Runaway Oct 17, 2011
1:6 Nightfall Nov 7, 2011
1:7 Proof Nov 14, 2011
1:8 Vs. Nov 21, 2011
1:9 Now You See Me Nov 28, 2011
1:10 Within Dec 12, 2011
1:11 Occupation Dec 19, 2011
1:12 Resistance Dec 19, 2011

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