While Karen is still upset about what she thinks Hank did to Tyler, Sam asks Hank to help Kali write love-song lyrics. Hank tries to understand Kali better so he can write more sincere lyrics, so she tells him about her feelings when she came to LA. This makes Hank flash back to his and Karen's move to LA. Later, Karen tells Hank she might have made a big mistake being with Bates, who won't stop drinking.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Love Song part of Californication Season 5
Hank calls Kali a "hip hop Jessica Rabbit" after Kali tells him she isn't bad for attracting jealous men, she was just drawn that way.
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Californication Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 JFK to LAX Jan 8, 2012
5:2 The Way of the Fist Jan 15, 2012
5:3 Boys & Girls Jan 20, 2012
5:4 Waiting for the Miracle Jan 29, 2012
5:5 The Ride Along Feb 5, 2012
5:6 Love Song Feb 12, 2012
5:7 Here I Go Again Feb 19, 2012
5:8 Raw Feb 26, 2012
5:9 At the Movies Mar 4, 2012
5:10 Perverts & Whores Mar 10, 2012
5:11 The Party Mar 18, 2012
5:12 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Mar 25, 2012

Love Song
performed by Glee Cast; features Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, and Naya Rivera

Love Song
performed by Haunt

Love Song
performed by Madonna; features Prince

  • Date:
  • Type: Song

Love Song
performed by Sara Bareilles

Love Song
performed by Sheila Nicholls

Love Songs
performed by James Taylor

  • Date:
  • Type: Song