Hank continues to consider writing Sam's new movie, then decides against it after a brief but not-so-good meeting with the movie's director, Peter Berg. During a night at a local club with Sam, Hank spots Becca's boyfriend Tyler making out with another girl. After confronting him, he decides to talk to Becca about Tyler instead of lashing out at him. He doesn't end up telling Becca what he saw, but Sam and his men decide to teach Tyler a lesson that lands him in the hospital. Meanwhile, Charlie, Marcy, and Stu deal with Stuart, who has exposed himself to a preschool classmate.

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Californication Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 JFK to LAX Jan 8, 2012
5:2 The Way of the Fist Jan 15, 2012
5:3 Boys & Girls Jan 20, 2012
5:4 Waiting for the Miracle Jan 29, 2012
5:5 The Ride Along Feb 5, 2012
5:6 Love Song Feb 12, 2012
5:7 Here I Go Again Feb 19, 2012
5:8 Raw Feb 26, 2012
5:9 At the Movies Mar 4, 2012
5:10 Perverts & Whores Mar 10, 2012
5:11 The Party Mar 18, 2012
5:12 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Mar 25, 2012

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